What is "Partnership?"

Partnership is our version of what you might think of as traditional church membership.

Except it's not membership.

You see, membership implies exclusivity, while we strive to be inclusive. Clubs, civic groups, teams - all have membership. They all have dues and rules and hours to complete. We believe that the Church should be open to all, and there are no hoops to jump through for us except knowing and having a relationship with Jesus.

Furthermore, scripture is clear that we are all ministers of the Gospel. We all carry with us the ministry of reconciliation. We are already members of the larger Church, so we invite you to partner with us. To bring your personal ministry and partner with our local church ministry.

Partnership Class

The word "class" is probably a misnomer, but this will be a time where we can gather and talk through why partnering with a local church is important and what it means to be a partner at Legacy City. We will offer these classes once a month, and we recommend that anyone who attends regularly, serves on a ministry team, and/or attends a missional community takes this class at some point. You don't have to sign up to attend, but it would be helpful if we knew how many were coming each month.

Currently meets at the Earle’s home - 1231 Woodlawn Rd Greenwood, SC 29646 

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