There are several women, some with children each that are moving out in February & March. They will need EVERYTHING. They have no furniture, no kitchen supplies, nothing to start a new life with. Between now and then, we could be getting some of these things (new and/or in very good condition at Goodwill, yard sales, or even department stores). The Bonetti's will be prepping their barn to store furniture for Pathway House Transitioning.

Upcoming Needs - Ladies Transitioning out of Pathway House

Ladies Mentoring

We are hoping to meet with the Pathway House Ladies in Mentoring Groups once every month or two. We would share with them any skills, talents, or tips that we have. Each time would have a focus on one particular thing, such as baking, basic computer skills, sewing, refurbishing furniture, budgeting, etc. These will be things that these ladies could use once they move out of the Pathway House into their own home.

These Mentoring Groups are just for women to mentor other women. We would like there to be 3-4 ladies serving each time, although only one would be the "Group Leader" for the week. Keep in mind that you would have to supply the tools/equipment/etc for the session (ie Needle and Thread for a lesson sewing). Sign up below if you are interested.

Ladies Dinner

The ladies currently only have a couple of meals provided each month and we would love to help them out with this. Our current goal is to provide 2 meals a month, but we hope to make that more in the future. It can be something as simple as pizza and a salad or a casserole. It would be great if on some of those nights that we provide a meal, we also stay and eat them and build some relationships. On the nights that we have Mentoring Groups, we would try to tie in the meal and eat first before going into the session.

Again, this opportunity is just for women. Guys can prepare a meal and drop it off, but only ladies would be invited to stay and eat with the women of the Pathway House. The number of ladies fluctuates, but they are currently at max capacity - which is 12 women (and 4 children). Sign up below and someone will contact you about a night to help.

Ongoing Item Needs for Ladies

Many of the ladies that arrive at Pathway, arrive with only the clothes on their backs. We will have an ongoing collection box for clothing, specifically things that can be worn to work - so not jeans or t-shirts. Most of them arrive without undergarments as well, so comfortable conservative underwear in all sizes are welcome. If you have a question about specific sizing, you can contact Bridget Bonetti at

Other regular needs: toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, cleaning solution. Pine Sol that can be added to the wash/laundry (it will state it on the bottle) is always a need. We will have a bin every week that will take donations for the Pathway House

Coming Soon.

Needs for the Men's Pathway House


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