On January 7th, we’ll kick off our 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting together as a church. It’s a great time to press in spiritually and dedicate this new year to God. Get the Prayer Topics HERE. These are some simple ways to make the most of the 21 Days:

1. Write down your prayer goals. How do you want to see God move during these weeks? How do you expect him to impact you? What prayers would you like to see answered?

2. Make a commitment to fast. Fasting takes extreme discipline and obedience. You are only cheating yourself if you cheat because you will be missing out on something that God wants to do for you and in you. So make a prayerful commitment to yourself, to God, and maybe even a family member or church family member for accountability.

3. Join in our Bible reading plan. Maybe you already have a plan or a reading schedule that you are working through, and if so, keep at it! But if you don’t and you want a plan that is curated for 21 days of praying and fasting, we have one for you. Fasting is about so much more than just going without food or indulgences, it’s about giving more time to God. Let’s get into his Word together.

4. Be a part of the Sunday Gatherings. These gatherings over the next few weeks are vital in the life of this church. When we come together as the Body of Christ, we will be able to encourage one another, serve one another, and share stories of God’s faithfulness together. The final Sunday of the fast, we will have a Concert of Prayer that may just change your perspective on God and how we interact with him.

5. Join us on social media. We will be broadcasting on Instagram Live daily at Noon with a guided prayer. Some of you may choose to fast from social media during this time, but if you are not, then we would love to have join in and pray with us live each day. You will also be able to see the short prayer video for 24 hours afterward as well. Feel free to share with others that need to be encouraged and empowered by the Holy Spirit. @legacycitygwd



As a church we’ll be completing a 21-Day Fasting Study of the Bible together. Join in below or search, “Less of Me/More of Him” on the YouVersion Bible app.

PARENTS: We also have a prayer resource for kids if you want to print this out and use it at home.



Fasting is simply giving something up, like food, for a period of time in order to create spiritual hunger and make more room in our lives for God. Some common types of fasts for you to choose from are listed below, but click HERE for full list and descriptions.

  • Partial Fast - not eating food from sun up to sun down

  • Selective Fast - removing certain things from what you eat (ie sweets, soda, coffee, snacks, etc)

  • Daniel Fast - not eating meat, sweets, or bread and instead eating only fruits, vegetables, and juices

  • Complete Fast - drinking only water and juice (this is not for everyone, and you may need to consult your physician if you are considering this one and have questions)

  • Soul Fast - removing things like social media, television, or video games from your daily lives. This is a great add-on to any of the above types of fasts and an alternative if health issues, sports, or work prevent you from a traditional fast.

Resources on fasting: 7 Basic Steps to Successful Fasting and Prayer and Your Personal Guide to Fasting and Prayer