Summer Scripture Series - With a Little Help from My Friends


This past Sunday was so awesome; thank you all for joining us in worship of the One True God. If you weren’t able to make it, we missed you so much! Don’t worry, though, we are saving you a seat for next week. Following up on our Guest Speaker and dear friend, Pastor Joshua Chiles from last week, Pastor Robbie returned to conclude the first book of our Summer Scripture Series by wrapping up Colossians.

Several people shared that they had never heard a message preached on the closing remarks of Paul’s letter, and certainly not the end of Colossians where Paul just names off some of the various people who assisted him in his ministry. As Ps Robbie said Sunday morning, ”As he wraps up the letter to the Colossians, Paul is giving us a group picture of his supporters during his Roman imprisonment. The list of names shows that the support of others is important in living out our faith.”

Paul included people from all walks of life on his ministry team – Jew and Gentile alike; from a doctor (Luke) to those who didn’t always have the best reputations in their community (Mark & Demas). Everybody in the Church is not meant to be the ‘up-front, in the spotlight’ type, but we are all meant to serve in the capacity in which God has called us. The passage highlights the people in Paul’s life and ministry that Paul himself valued and believed was glorifying Christ in whatever role they willingly found themselves!


  • Passage: Colossians 4:7-18

  • There is greatness even in the smallest things done for Christ.

  • Momentary things done for Christ are eternal.

  • God is still in the life-changing business today.

  • If you are full of Christ, you will forgive like him.

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Join us next Sunday as we begin our second book in our Summer Scripture Series, Philemon! We’re saving you a seat, and know that You Are Loved!