Summer Scripture Series - We're All One Big Kingdom Family


We’re now in the final stretch of our Summer Scripture Series – our good friend Pastor Brandon Henson spoke such an incredibly encouraging sermon this past week! We covered the first 7 verses of Philemon and there was so much to unpack! We were so glad to see you on Sunday, if you weren’t able to join us, be sure to catch the conclusion to Philemon this coming week when Pastor Robbie will be finishing up our series.  

As Ps Brandon suggested during the gathering, there are probably far too few of us who have never taken the time to study one of the shortest books of the Bible – Philemon. This letter may only have 25 verses, but what we encountered this first week of our study was certainly full of rich and convicting qualities! Overall, ‘We’re all one, big, Kingdom Family’!

Paul’s letters overall serve distinct purposes in Scripture; they are intimate and personal letters to different churches that desire to enrich God’s Kingdom. But if we look at our world today, are our churches and communities joining together as a broad corporate Body, or are we more concerned with individual growth and status? What about our relationship with fellow believers in our own church communities – are we empowering our brothers and sisters in Christ as citizens of the Kingdom should?

The first 7 verses of Philemon serve an equally distinct purpose, with a unique and untypical Pauline introduction. Instead of qualifying his position, as an Apostle, he declares himself ‘a prisoner for Christ Jesus’ (ESV) – a position many of us here in the US are used to associating ourselves with Ps Brandon commented. Regardless, Paul is unashamed in his willingness to be in whatever position God places him, if it is for His Kingdom. Are you oriented towards a ‘Kingdom Mindset’? Are you working towards genuine fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ – building them up and ‘calling out the Gold in them’?


  • Passage: Philemon 1:1-7

  • Remember, It’s All About the Kingdom! (v1-3)

  • See the Gold in Others (v4-5)

  • Desire what’s Best for Fellow Believers (v6)

  • Trust the Results of Love: Joy and Comfort (v7)

If this topic piques your interest, or you would enjoy listening to this sermon in more depth, please head over to Legacy City’s Podcast here.

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Join us next Sunday as we finish our Summer Scripture Series. We’re saving you a seat, and know that You Are Loved!