Summer Scripture Series - Once Useless, Now Useful


We have now concluded our Summer Scripture Series, hopefully you enjoyed walking through Colossians and Philemon verse by verse! If you were not able to make it to our Gathering this past Sunday, know that we missed you! Don’t worry, you can still hear the full message here at Legacy City’s Podcast. Pastor Robbie concluded Philemon from verse 7 until the end and did he ever come prepared to preach this past Sunday – be sure to join us this upcoming Sunday for the beginning of our new series At The Movies!

The core of Philemon (v8-22), surrounds Paul addressing Philemon concerning a past runaway slave of his (Onesimus) that has come to know the Lord and has been attending to Paul’s needs. Ps. Robbie gave us an overview of what Paul was essentially saying, ‘So… Philemon, while you lounge around in your luxurious house, with servants… I, an old man, am here in prison for the gospel. I’ve led Onesimus to Christ, and he really feels a call toward ministry, and I could really use his help right now… but if you really want to take him back, I guess you can.’ The Gospel changes our motivations and the way that we address those around us, not through a position forcefulness or authority, but of humble love and adoration (v8-10). Paul could have used his influence and spiritual authority to demand that Onesimus stay with him – but he doesn’t, and respects Philemon’s position.

There has been some unfortunate history to surround Philemon, a history of oppression and slander against people that God created in his image. The record has been set straight, ‘In Christ, masters and servants become brothers and sisters. The ground is level at the foot of the cross church: one RACE: Human. One CLASS: Sinner. One HOPE: JESUS. One FUTURE: Resurrection. One FORTUNE: the Eternal Riches of Christ.’

Onesimus was no longer useless in his sinfulness, but useful in the body of Christ in service to an apostle and his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ! Martin Luther once wrote, “Even as Christ did for us with God the Father, thus Paul also does for Onesimus with Philemon.” Ps. Robbie stated, ‘We are Onesimus, the runaway slave, the rebellious one, the one who is no longer useful because of our sinfulness. But Christ says that we are useful, not because of anything we’ve done to deserve being taken back, but because of Christ’s own reputation!


  • Passage: Philemon 1:8-22

  • The Gospel should radically change your life and the way you relate to others.

  • The Gospel produces gracious, self-sacrificial Love for others.

  • You are called to give value to brother and sisters in Christ and anyone else in your life!

  • You are Useful in Christ, don’t continue treating others as if they are Useless!

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